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Join Liverpool FC, Audi, Telekom, 1. FC Nürnberg, BayWa or REWE and reach new target groups authentically and cross-medially with the LIVEDAB Filter campaigns.

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How LIVEDAB works in three Steps

1. Create

Create your first LIVEDAB Filter Campaign and add your branded Filter Designs.

2. Engage

Share/Integrate your LIVEDAB Filter Campaign with your community via your preferred channel. It works everywhere. No download needed!

3. Reach

Reach new target groups across your community via personalized and visual recommendations.

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Reach new target groups authentically with LIVEDAB

LIVEDAB is a cross-media platform that helps brands activate existing customers and reach new audiences. We do this via filter marketing, a new solution where authentic photos are shared with branding.

Reach through Brand Experience & Micro-Influencers

LIVEDAB turns every fan into a micro-influencer of your brand! Turn positive moments and experiences of consumers with your brand into an authentic and trustworthy reach.

Measuring the success of your viral LIVEDAB Filter campaign

Better understand your audience by identifying the touchpoints where your brand and communications are shared. Easily request information and integrate user-generated content as part of your brand strategy.


Platform Independent

Integrate everywhere

Get Insights / Reporting


Data Privacy

Multiple Filters

Photo Approval

Share Options

Web-Based. No App!

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You are in good company!

LIVEDAB is successfully used by established brands, virtual events, sports clubs, festivals, sponsors, agencies, NGOs and trade fairs.

Our customers include companies such as Audi, FC Bayern München, Liverpool, REWE, 1. FC Köln, DEKRA Versicherungen or 1. FC Nürnberg.

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2 Filter Designs
25 Filter Uses
3 Parallel Campaigns

  • Story & Square Format
  • Custom Texts
  • No Reporting
  • LIVEDAB Watermark
  • Advanced Styling
  • Data Aggregation
  • Share Options

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4 Filter Designs
250 Filter Uses
♾️ Parallel Campaigns

  • Story & Square Format
  • Custom Texts
  • Simple Report
  • No Watermark
  • Advanced Styling
  • Data Aggregation
  • Share Options

66 €

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6 Filter Designs
1.000 Filter Uses
♾️ Parallel Campaigns

  • Story & Square Format
  • Custom Texts
  • Advanced Report
  • No Watermark
  • Advanced Styling
  • Data Aggregation
  • Share Options

249 €

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♾️ Filter Designs
♾️ Filter Uses
♾️ Parallel Campaigns

  • Unlock all features!
  • Dynamic Filter
  • Management Report
  • Advanced Branding
  • Enterprise Add-Ons
  • Success Manager
  • Custom Contract

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You probably already know filters from Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. We offer you a complete independent software for creating and sharing filters. Your big advantage is that LIVEDAB works independently of any social network and can be flexibly adapted to your requirements. So your campaign can not only be shared in all social media in parallel, but also in emails or even analog in letters by using QR codes.

You create one or more filters, upload them to your LIVEDAB campaign and you’re done! You can share your filters via the campaign and place them everywhere. There are no restrictions on design and playout. This means that your filters and your designs can be visually incorporated anywhere.

A Filter Uses is the final image that the user creates in the campaign. A Filter Uses is immediately blocked for the user when the user accesses the campaign page. However, the Filter Uses will only be counted completely after the upload has been completed. Otherwise, it will be unblocked after a certain time.

There are two different types of Filter Uses:

  • Included Filter Uses are only valid for the corresponding campaign and always renew monthly according to the duration.
  • Additional Filter Uses can be purchased separately and are valid for 2 years. They apply directly to all campaigns in the underlying user account.

Generally, there are no runtime restrictions for the campaigns. The campaign runs until all filter uses are used up or until the user manually ends the campaign. You can always cancel a plan at the end of the term. When you cancel a plan, the enabled features will be disabled again.

You can permanently remove the watermark from the campaign by making a one-time payment. Alternatively, the watermark is automatically removed in all Premium plans (Basic, Pro, Enterprise), which makes removing the watermark unnecessary. Removal cannot be transferred between campaigns.

If you want to upgrade or downgrade a plan, contact us by mail to Our support team will assist you and make everything happen.

A Filter Design is the visual filter that can be uploaded in the campaign and used by the end user. Filter designs can have two different formats (Square & Story). The filter design is the core of the campaign and should be designed in such an appealing way that the users like to use it.

With the LIVEDAB filter marketing software, we enable organizations, brands and individuals to convey their content statements and positions with visual support. We do this through filters that can be used and shared by you or your supporters, fans and followers.

Data protection is in the DNA of LIVEDAB. Everything has been checked under data protection law, validated by data protection lawyers and external data protection officers, and of course mapped in a DSGVO-compliant manner. Your data and the data of the users are therefore safe.

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